What is the XIT Advantage™?

The XIT Advantage™ is a unique synergy of factors that work in unison to produce a seamless customer experience.  XIT Packaging can help take your business to the next level through our industry-focused manufacturing, expertise in the cannabis industry, and ancillary services designed to produce, protect, and promote your products.

After months of planning, XIT Packaging has created an infrastructure that’s completely new to the manufacturing industry and unheard-of in the cannabis sector: while all other manufacturers require a minimum order of one 40-foot container per product (if they carry multiple products), XIT Packaging is proud to offer multiple compliant products per 40′ container, with the same one container minimum.  Order a mixed container today and reduce your costs, improve your cashflow, and never worry again about overstocking to simply get the best price.  You can even use this service to create an entire cannabis packaging distribution company!

In addition, we offer a full complement of ancillary services dedicated to helping you grow your business.  No project is too small, no challenge is too big – let our team of professionals, with expertise in a wide range of fields including manufacturing, product design and development, engineering, logistics, law, and marketing, bolster your capabilities!

XIT Packaging, your one-stop shop for cannabis packaging:

  1. A manufacturer focused 100% on meeting the needs of the cannabis industry
  2. The only manufacturer to offer mixed 40-foot containers of our high-quality products
  3. Lean on our expertise to produce, protect, and promote your products – from product development to commercial marketability
  4. Years of industry experience at your finger tips

How Does it Work?

XIT Packaging offers a full service manufacturing solution to cannabis packaging distributors.  Complete an application form >link< now, so that we may evaluate your needs and contact you to begin the process – we respond to all queries within 24 hours (weekends excluded).  We will fully utilize our years of experience, in all aspects of the industry, while we work with you to plan a container that best suits your specific needs.  Unlike typical manufacturers, whose responsibilities end immediately upon filling the container with product (i.e. FOB manufacturer’s facility), XIT Packaging’s logistics team can facilitate the often intimidating process of shipping the container to your location.

Because we are the manufacturer and work directly with you, our lead times and prices are far superior compared to other manufacturers in the industry.  We can offer you all of the products you need from a single manufacturer on a single container.


Due to the nature of our services, costs are subject to multiple variables.  What is not variable is the price of our stock/non-custom products – product pricing is tied directly to the quantity of that product purchased.  So, no matter who you are, rest assured that not paying a cent more than your competitors!

Variables that directly relate to cost include but are not limited to:

  • Product types and quantities
  • Delivery location
  • Number of containers
  • Custom product variations
  • Shipping bonds

Contact us today for an estimate of your container!

Lead Times?

We pride ourselves on efficiency, superior lead times, and on-time delivery. We are able to manufacture your products, mix a container, and ship it to your location in 30-60 days.

Pop Top Bottles that are CPSC certified and meet ASTM standards. Child-resistant and opaque.

XIT Packaging is the only one-stop shop for cannabis packaging manufacturing in the world, featuring a complete line of compliant products that meet CPSC requirements and ASTM standards, as well as custom orders.

XIT Advantage™ - Mixed 40' container of cannabis packaging products.

XIT Packaging is the only place to buy a mixed container – fill one container with multiple product lines!  Reduce your costs, improve your cashflow, and never worry again about overstocking to simply get the best price.

XIT is able to take an idea from paper to a plastic mold.

XIT Packaging can turn your ideas into reality.  Let our professionals assist you with: producing your packaging – from CAD drawings to 3D prototypes to molds; protecting your product and packaging – from entity formation to patent and trademark protection; and promoting your product – from logo, website, and packaging design to social media marketing.