At XIT Packaging, we help develop solutions for your packaging needs.  Whether you are an established distributor looking to bolster your product line with unique and proprietary offerings, an entrepreneur looking to break into the packaging industry, an inventor bringing a product to market, or something in between, XIT Packaging can help.  Our diverse team of professionals will help produceprotect, and promote your products and ideas.

Let our team of professionals work closely with you to help your cannabis packaging business grow.  Our professionals have many years of experience in their respective fields and all have the benefit of working in the same cannabis industry that you work in, so we are intimately familiar with the unique set of challenges the industry faces.


Product Design and Engineering

Have a great idea for a new product?  The Research and Development team at XIT Packaging can help turn that great idea into reality.  Starting with the product design, our industry expertise allows us to design a high-quality product that meets both your needs and tastes, as well as your compliance obligations, while at the same time our manufacturing expertise allows us to design with manufacturability and cost-effectiveness in mind.  We use cutting-edge modeling software and have a wide range of two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) computer aided design (CAD) capabilities.  Once the design is complete, our expertise in 3D printing will allow for rapid and cost-efficient prototyping.  When the product is finalized, XIT Packaging will build a high-quality mold – the key to quality and reliable products – at a cost-effective price.


The professionals at XIT Packaging have years of experience handling supply chain and import-export issues, as well as the skill and organization to successfully manage the movement of your products.  XIT Packaging is familiar with all facets of importing goods into the United States, starting from loading the container all the way to unloading it at your facility.  Our own global supply chain means that we are constantly bringing in shipping containers and our expertise has been demonstrated time and again over the past few years when, despite numerous labor strikes that caused gridlock at the ports along the West Coast resulting in billions of dollars in losses nationwide, XIT Packaging never missed a single on-time delivery.


Even the greatest idea and/or the greatest product will not succeed in the modern economy if they are not properly protected.  At XIT Packaging, our in-house legal team can assist you with obtaining the proper legal protections for your products and idea, both here in the US and internationally.  Whether you need to protect a name, logo, the look and feel of your packaging, the design and aesthetic appeal of your product, how your product works, how it is made, or simply just an idea, or whether you simply need assistance in protecting your personal assets from business liabilities, XIT Packaging’s in-house legal team’s expertise in intellectual property, general business affairs, and the marijuana industry can help.


As our industry continues to expand, so do the number of product options available to consumers.  What does it take to stand out from the crowd?  At XIT Packaging, we believe that a professional, consistent, and persuasive marketing message is the foundation upon which to build a successful campaign.  We live in the most advanced consumer economy in the world and today’s consumers are both savvy and knowledgeable.  Gone are the days when patients or customers would buy whatever was available in the dispensary.  Today, patients and consumers demand branded products, whether as a sign of quality assurance, an expression of brand loyalty, or something else.  Already today, some of the most successful companies in the industry are those who have developed good products and promoted them through strong branding opportunities.  The marketing professionals at XIT Packaging can assist you with logo design, website development, packaging design, and promotional materials to create a unique identity – your brand.

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