XIT™ Brand Reversible Cap Vials


  • Meets CPSC requirements and ASTM standards
  • Meets or exceeds most state regulations
  • FDA-approved, BPA-free, medical grade plastic
  • Interior treated with anti-stick static coating
  • Airtight, odorless seal
  • Opaque
  • Child resistant
  • Food-contact compliant
  • Cap printed with “This product is packaged in compliance with state regulations”
  • Cap is child resistant on one face, while the reverse face is an ordinary “twist to open”


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Product Details

Size and Capacity

  • 8 Dram – 1.5 Grams per bottle
  • 13 Dram – 2 Grams per bottle
  • 20 Dram – 3.5 Grams per bottle
  • 40 Dram – 9 Grams per bottle
  • 60 Dram – 14 Grams per bottle


Color Variations

We offer a wide varieties of colors, please contact us directly for more information.

Custom Cap Labeling

We have the ability to silkscreen custom labels on each cap. Please inquire within for more information.


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Marijuana Containers that meet CPSC requirements and ASTM standards