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Bio-Plastic Materials

The R&D team at XIT Packaging’s Southern California manufacturing facility is actively investigating the feasibility of using bio-plastic materials for XIT™-brand child-proof containers.  Currently, our containers are made of BPA-free medical grade plastics that adhere to state regulations.  We pride ourselves, however, on innovation and being proactive in our space, so we have allocated resources to researching a sustainable alternative to medical grade plastic mold injection. We want to implement a line of eco-friendly biodegradable containers in the near future that will replace plastic mold injection as our industry progresses.  Stay tuned for more developments!


DoM™ Now Available!

The cannabis industry’s first child-proof concentrate container – the XIT™-brand DoM™ – is now available for purchase! The DoM™ is available in both transparent and opaque options, as well as a wide variety of color variations and finishes.  The DoM™ can be stacked in a pyramid formation to attract patient and consumer attention.  Glow-in-the-dark version coming soon!