Cannabis Packaging

At XIT Packaging, we understand the challenges in finding and developing up-stream partnerships with manufacturers of cannabis packaging.

  • Manufacturers of cannabis packaging are typically located overseas and communication inevitably degenerates into a tedious and prolonged cycle of middle-of-the-night  emails/video chats/phone calls that leave you frustrated and weeks behind schedule.
  • In addition, manufacturers in this industry usually carry only one or two products out of the entire line you need and only sell on a container basis.  Ten different products would require ten containers at $30,000-$50,000 per container … you do the math.
  • A select few manufacturers may claim to carry a full line of products, but with a little digging you will soon find out that the “manufacturer” is simply buying those products it does not produce and, most importantly, passing those costs on to you … on a container basis.
  • Moreover, the vast majority of manufacturers produce products that are not CPSC certified and/or do not meet ASTM standards, leaving you and your customer liable for using non-compliant packaging products.
  • Even if you think you have found a partner who solves all of these issues, do they have their fingers on the pulse of the industry?  Are they keeping up with the many changes to packaging requirements in each state?  Do they have a team of professionals dedicated to nothing but cannabis packaging?

With XIT Packaging, you can leave all of these worries behind!  XIT Packaging is an American company based in Southern California and you can speak with our professionals at a time that is convenient to you.  XIT Packaging manufactures a complete line of cannabis packaging products in house, the majority of which are CPSC certified (or meet CPSC requirements) and meet ASTM standards.  While there is minimum quantity of one 40-foot container per order, we are confident our pricing structure is not only cost-effective, but cost-saving.  Most importantly, we will fill a container with any combination of products you desire, thereby significantly reducing your cost to stock a full line of compliant cannabis packaging, as well as improving cash flow and eliminating overstocking.

XIT Packaging manufactures the following packaging products for the cannabis industry:

* product is CPSC certified and meets ASTM standards
** product meets or exceeds CSPC requirements and ASTM standards


Additional Capabilities

Additionally, XIT Packaging is currently capable of, but not limited to, the following: 

Raw Materials

  • Custom colors
  • Extensive library of different resins (plastics) from which to choose
  • Options to use recycled resins
  • FDA approved resins with certifications available
  • Biodegradable plastic injection



  • Custom molding
  • Insert molding (molding plastic around another object)
  • Over molding (molding one type of plastic over another type)
  • Mold maintenance
  • Single or multiple cavity tooling
  • In-house tool building
  • Part testing to ensure the part meets requirements set by the customer or other entity
  • Low volume or high volume runs


Other Services

  • Packaging and assembly
  • Ultra sonic welding
  • Custom printing
  • CAD drawings and other engineering consulting