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The XIT Advantage™

XIT Packaging is an American company dedicated entirely to the development of packaging solutions for the cannabis industry.  Our core specialty is the manufacture of packaging products used in the cannabis industry.  In addition, our team of cannabis-industry experts and non-cannabis professionals are here to help develop your business, with years of experience and expertise not only in packaging and cannabis-related matters, but also in the fields of engineering, product design, logistics, law, and marketing.  Whether you are a distributor looking for a reliable and cost-effective upstream partner, an entrepreneur building an empire, an inventor trying to bring a packaging idea to life, or something in between, XIT Packaging’s unique, full spectrum service is here to help.


XIT Packaging – Manufacturing Compliant Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

Tired of dealing with multiple manufacturers for the numerous products needed to supply a dispensary, delivery service, grower, cultivator, or other cannabis-related business?  Those days are over – XIT Packaging is the only manufacturer in the world that can offer the full line of compliant packaging products currently used in the cannabis industry.  From the commodities of the industry, Pop Tops and Reversible Tops, to increasingly popular mylar bags, to our proprietary XIT™-brand DoM™ concentrate containers and Latch Tops™, XIT Packaging is the one-stop-shop for all your cannabis packaging needs!

XIT Packaging provides worry- and hassle-free packaging solutions that allow our customers to focus on what they do best – sell product and grow their business.  Our products are designed with each state’s regulatory framework in mind and produced to meet or exceed all state and federal packaging regulations, including those promulgated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and ASTM International.  Our in-house legal team continuously monitors the regulatory landscape and we implement any necessary changes to ensure that our customers receive compliant products every time, all the time.

XIT Packaging uses BPA-free and FDA-approved raw materials to ensure the highest-quality products.  XIT™-brand products are all designed in-house at our California facility by working closely with patients, dispensaries, and consumers to ensure all products meet the needs of the consuming public.


XIT Packaging – Developing Solutions

At XIT Packaging, we strive to develop – for ourselves or for our clients – innovative and compliant products for the emerging and growing cannabis market.  In addition to our manufacturing specialty and capability, XIT Packaging offers a full suite of ancillary services to help your cannabis business grow:

  • Product Design – the Research and Development Team at XIT Packaging can help take an idea in your head all the way through to production, from the initial sketch to the CAD drawings to prototyping to molding.
  • Logistics – with years of experience handling supply chain and import-export issues, including management of XIT Packaging’s own global supply chain and distribution networks, let our professionals guide you through this often intimidating process.
  • Legal – the legal team at XIT Packaging can assist you in building your company from the ground up, protecting your products, brands, and ideas, and guiding you through the legal complexities of the cannabis packaging industry.
  • Marketing – the marketing team at XIT Packaging is capable of designing your logo, building your website, developing your brand, and publicizing your products to the industry.
  • Cannabis Industry Expertise – at XIT Packaging, we view everything through the prism of the cannabis industry and we are always happy to share our knowledge for the benefit of our clients.


How can we help you?

Please visit our How to Order page to view our options to serve you.  XIT Packaging offers solutions for every aspect involved with cannabis packaging.  Contact us today to get the XIT Advantage™!

XIT Advantage™ - Mixed 40' container of cannabis packaging products.

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